The CIROS MAG is a collection of all the stories that exist within the CIROS student community. We provide a space to share your passion for photography, poetry, video making, interviewing, and writing with your fellow students. Let’s celebrate diversity, creativity, and different perspectives together!

This website is curated and maintained by the Public Relations Secretariat of CIROS. Our team collects, writes, and edits unique stories in collaboration with our other committees and among our community for each edition.

Our Team

Anne Smit – Editor in Chief

Anne is in charge of editing and selecting all articles published in each edition. For her, it is important to highlight various perspectives on social phenomena in each issue. She is particularly interested in sustainability, migration politics, and media framing.

Janna Holthuizen – Managing Editor

As managing editor, Janna is in contact with all writers and artists to make sure that they meet their deadlines. She is primarily interested in inequality, international development, arts & culture.

Sarah Abo Ebeid – Creative Director

Sarah is in charge of illustrating and presenting all the content for the CIROS Magazine. She is interested in how identity and background intertwine people’s perspectives and opinions on the world.

Alejandra Miled Martínez Tamayo – Writer

Ale is a writer for the CIROS Magazine. She is involved in various activist networks and thus focuses her research and articles around topics of environmentalism, human rights, and women empowerment.

Joelle Ayana Josephine Berg – Writer

Joëlle is a writer for the CIROS magazine. She is interested in learning languages and diving into other cultures and their traditions and history.