Edition 2

The CIROS board presents: Tastes like home!

8 mins read

Today, we would like to share this collection of recipes that have a special place in our hearts because they remind us of home. Be that – because it is a specialty from our home country, a dish from our childhood, or because it reminds us of the people we love – our friends and family – whom we used to share this meal with. These dishes are as unique as every single of us because they are fundamentally part of who we are.

We hope that you will enjoy exploring these recipes. Hopefully, you will try some of them out yourself!

Edition 1


5 mins read

In accordance with Fridays For Future’s (FFF) campaign “Unheard but not voiceless” in September 2020, we see that the climate crisis is asymmetrically impacting the world. This is why it is crucial that we learn how to better accommodate and support the climate activists in the Global South and the issues they come forward with. So, we’ve put together three easy pointers to know where to start.

Edition 1

The Board Recommends: Must-Reads in 2022

7 mins read

What are your new year’s resolutions for 2022? Are you still eating healthier, or have you exchanged your running shoes for a warm blanket and your couch yet? For those of you who loathe sore muscles and running through The Hague’s rainy weather, we have good news: The new year’s resolution we propose involves no sweating or getting up early.